We have selected the best travel destinations for food lovers in Europe for those who enjoy wine and good food, those who want to get off the beaten path and discover new sensations, perfumes, and tastes, those who want to be surprised and discover the best of Europe, and those who are looking for unique and authentic experiences.


Local speciality: Risotto alla milanese & ice cream

Milan has been intriguing and dynamic at least since it was the capital of the Roman Empire’s western part. During the Middle Ages, it was one of the most magnificent of the Italian Comuni. During the Renaissance, it hosted one of Italy’s most magnificent courts. And so forth. Leonardo da Vinci arrived from Florence searching for work and ended up staying a long period and doing a great deal, as have many others afterwards. Milano, which has always been in the middle of things, has been endowed with an amazing portion of Italy’s heritage: it is a magnificent city of art.


Local specialities: Chocolate, waffles & beer

Brussels, the capital of 500 million Europeans, is eager to show you its treasures and skills and to tell you its story. It is adaptable to its visitors: no matter when you arrive, there is always something going on; no matter how long you stay, there are numerous various ways to see Brussels, each with some wonderful surprises in store. A multicolored history of different styles, infectious inventiveness laced with surrealism and comedy, a convivial and epicurean art de vivre Fashion and design, comic strips, chocolate, beer, music and surrealism, friendliness, and over 100 museums are the order of the day.


Local specialities: Fruits & seafood

If you’re wondering what to visit in Azores, these islands are distinguished by their quality and perfection, where what is real and one-of-a-kind distinguishes and impresses, contributing to the development of the region’s natural and cultural legacy.

If you’re wondering what to eat in Azores, there’s a rich gastronomy centered on exceptional regional goods like as shellfish, fresh fish, pork, tea, cheese, wines, soups, sauces, and pastries, all made locally.


Local specialities: Wine, olive oil, truffles, asparagus…

The ancient center of Florence is so densely packed with masterpieces that it is difficult to separate the city from its art. UNESCO designated it a World Heritage Site in 1982, citing the fact that it encompasses the entire history of the city, from the ‘Roman quadrilateral’ in the Piazza della Repubblica area to the narrow streets of the medieval city, the splendours of the 16th-century Pitti Palace, and the changes wrought during the period when Florence was the capital of Italy.

The concentration of such a fantastically rich history – historic and artistic, but also scientific and naturalistic – in such a compact, well-defined territory distinguishes Florence city center, not only in the eyes of the interested tourist, but also in the eyes of researchers and locals. Florence may rightfully be described as a “open-air museum,” with its incredibly magnificent cathedrals, museums and art collections, historic gardens, piazzas, streets, and old palaces – not merely a container for art works, but a piece of art in its own right.


Local specialities: Kremšnita cake, Bermet & mustard

Samobor is a town with a long gastronomic heritage, and its vast and diversified offer is what draws so many food enthusiasts. Few tourists and visitors leave Samobor without sampling the local delicacies including the famous custard slice kremnita.

Although dessert is generally served last, change things up in Samobor and try the kremnita, the city’s emblem and a popular culinary memento, right away. This delicacy, which can be found in the center of town, is created with simple ingredients, but after a sophisticated preparation (which is still a secret today), people typically queue to acquire one, after which it melts in your mouth as a treat.

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